Off-grid Solar Systems

The power you need, when you need it, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Enjoy the freedom of having the power in your hands!

Empowered Offgrid has been designing and installing stand-alone off-grid solar systems for over 28 years. With regular monitoring and servicing, our offgrid solar solutions stand the test of time – delivering reliable power to your home 365 days a year.

Grid-free power

Say goodbye to power bills forever with your very own off-grid energy solution. No matter where you live, enjoy all the power you need any time you want it.

Durable & Reliable

World-class equipment and a quality installation ensure our stand-alone solar systems perform reliably, year on year, providing peace of mind.

Designed for you

Enjoy an off-grid solar system custom-designed to suit your unique needs. Start small and build on your system or go big for total independence.

Freedom & independence from the grid – for good

Stand-alone, off-grid power systems need to be as reliable as your vehicle. The aim of them is to consistently deliver power to your home 365 days a year. If they’re not working perfectly, then something’s wrong.


Empowered Offgrid designs and installs reliable off-grid power solutions that meet the needs of the most discerning of customers. Our skilled technicians monitor, maintain and service your stand-alone solar system regularly, ensuring it works to capacity and provides you with decades of reliable power.

Offgrid solar system empowered offgrid

The power you need, when you need it

Our custom-designed, stand-alone solar systems ensure you never run out of power.


We start by determining your ‘low power profile’ – how and when you use power, and how much you need. From there we build the most cost-effective system that can deliver the power you need.


Redundancy is built into the system via remote control, backup generators, so no matter what, your system will always deliver power reliably.

Reliable power, no matter what

Our dependable, stand-alone systems feature world-renown solar tech equipment with proven reliability. We combine quality solar panels, deep-cycle batteries and a back-up, remote generator to ensure you never run out of power. All of this available within days of order with our service guarantee.


Put the power back in your hands!

empowered offgrid standalone offgrid solar solutions

your offgrid savings snapshot


/kWh on a modest system


/kWh for a medium house system


/kWh for a large house system


/kWh for a large business system

be empowered. Take control of your power bills today!

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