Hybrid Solar Systems

The innovative system that allows you to use power from your solar panels to charge your batteries

Constant delivery of clean power, 24/7, regardless of grid failure

Eliminate your power bills with a Hybrid Solar System that backs up part or all of your home

Store your Solar Energy

Use your own power at peak times and generate savings of up to 65c/kWh.

Be in control

Enjoy full monitoring of your system from a smart phone or home computer.

Expand your System

Increase your power generating capacity by adding more solar panels or grid connect systems.

eliminate your power bills by offsetting with battery power

Imagine being able to use your own power when it costs the most. With an Empowered Offgrid hybrid solar system we target peak usage times, like afternoons and early evenings. Instead of paying 60 – 70 cents a kWh to purchase grid power, our Hybrid Systems let you use your own. Your Hybrid system will provide power to the house during the day. It will then charge your battery, heat your hot water (for customers with OP hot water systems) and export excess power to the grid. Finally, it will discharge the battery into the house until all battery power is used.

Hybrid Solar the innovative system that allows you to use your power from your solar panels to charge your batteries
Monitor your power bills with empowered offgrid

a quality system designed with your energy bill savings in mind

We custom design your installation and battery size to suit your needs. We arrange your solar panels to produce the power you need when you need it (to deliver power at the times of the day it is most valuable). We also factor your load profile and battery charging needs. We establish the best angles for hybrid solar system panels to match the power profile of your property so it suits your lifestyle.

reliable hybrid solar systems that provide lasting energy and savings!

Our systems deliver clean power 24/7 regardless of grid power failure. You can opt for a Hybrid solar system that backs up part of the house, so you maintain power to essential circuits like lights, fridge and communications. Or you can choose a system that backs up the whole house and makes a stand-alone offgrid system possible in the future.

Empowered Offgrid hybrid solar system

clean 24/7 power, regardless of grid failure


/kWh generated savings


7 days a week delivery


up time, no drop outs


guarantee. Reliability that counts!

be empowered. Take control of your power bills today!

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